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17 October 2019Conversations with Places; Sculpture Theme

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Conversations with Places; Sculpture Theme Deborah Aguirre Jones Thursday 17 October 2019

Deborah is a sculptor who makes art with people

Encountering a place, I make relasonships with the people who live, work and play there, then create situations for meeting and conversing which develope into projects and art works(sculptures,books,(photography,drawing,film or other formats).

The work often happens outdoors,in a wide range of contexts including landscape managment, health and mental health provisions, the criminal justice system, urban and rural regeneration,community development,youth work,organisational development, early years pedagogy, bulding sites,leisure and tourism Can art be made by non professionals? is it beautiful? does art speake about your everyday life? is it possible to make art together? Does monetary value make something more beautiful? is it art if it disappears? can you make art out of personal memories, invention and friendship.

Deborah will show images and talk about making art in unusual places with wonderful and unusual pepole